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Puran Defrag

Boost hard disk performance by defragmenting them
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Puran Defrag can be used to boost hard disk performance by rearranging files so that they occupy contiguous storage locations, which is known as defragmentation. This tool has an intuitive interface, which I think no one can have difficulties to use. The easiest way is by performing the on-demand defragmentation, which comprises a few simple steps, including selecting the drives, analyzing current status and defragmenting, in case it is necessary. Similarly, as the tool is integrated into Windows shell, you can also defrag a specific folder from within Windows File Explorer using the contextual menu.

The application has various advantages over other similar tools, such as the one coming with Windows. For instance, it can fill gaps to avoid frequent defragmentation, optimize directories for frequent system access and reserve the fastest area of your disk for Windows temporary files. In a similar way, you can use Puran Intelligent Optimizer to boost system speed by placing the most frequently accessed files on the fastest part of the disks.

In my opinion, one of the most convenient features of Puran Defrag is the possibility to schedule defragmenting to take place when the computer is idle, so that this operation does not interfere with your work. In addition, you can have automatic defrags during startup or at given intervals. Moreover, it lets you decide exactly what you want to defragment, including complete drives or just free space. Not only that, it is also allowed to exclude files within a specified size range. Fortunately, you can create various of these tasks.

All in all, Puran Defrag is not very different from other applications of the same type, including Windows drive optimization. However, I liked having so many different possibilities to schedule a defragmentation. Sadly, despite its many advantages, the application does not display all the fragmented files after scanning. Fortunately, the product can be used at no cost but only for private and non-commercial use. For business purposes, you should buy a license at a reasonable price.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various ways to start a defragmentation
  • Shell integration
  • Gap filling to avoid frequent defragmentation
  • Directory optimization
  • Fast access to temp files
  • System speed boost
  • Defrag scheduling


  • Not all fragmented files are shown after an analysis
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